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Our company acts as an advisor and arranger of finance in the sports sector. We specialise in Receivables Finance and have raised over £500m in 16 years.

During this period none of our funders have ever lost a penny on any of our deals.

Our services include assisting in devising the most appropriate financing structure to allow for our clients’ tax, cash flow and balance sheet requirements, and the subsequent arrangement of the funding at the most competitive rate available in the market. The economic downturn, exacerbated by the introduction of the Financial Fair Play Rules (FFPR) in Football makes Clubs have to question and justify each aspect of their expenditure and optimize their income opportunities.

We have devised various financing structures for the Sports Market particularly in Football & Rugby where we are able to procure funding at competitive rates. We can accelerate cash flow against future receivables for transfer monies, future broadcasting revenues, season tickets, sponsorship and stadium naming rights income and income from catering contracts.

We also provide assistance to investors for potential club acquisition.

We work with a small panel of Banks and Fund Managers, on an exclusive basis.

We are not constrained by any particular transaction size, having successfully completed individual transactions ranging from £500,000 to in excess of £40 million.

In order to complete both transfer and broadcasting receivables deals funders and documentation has to be approved by the PL/FL and FA. Each of our funders have these approvals.

Please contact us for a full list of football and sports clubs we have worked with, but please look at our client page for some of our most recent testimonials.